Fresh. Local. Udderly Delicious Milk — Now at Giant!

Kreider Farms Lancaster County Fresh Milk is now at your favorite Central PA Giant Food Stores!

Now Available in Giant

Farm to Table Milk

  • Produced and bottled on our farm in Manheim, PA
  • Quick Chilled to lock in freshness and quality
  • Bottled within hours after it is produced
  • Direct from our dairy farm to your local store

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Feel good about the milk you serve your family when you choose Kreider Farms milk – fresh from our "Micro-Mooery" to your Giant store's dairy case!

We're a real, working farm right here in Central PA. We raise our own cows, who thrive on feed we grow in our own fields. And, we bottle our own milk and drinks in our own facilities for superior freshness!

Love real milk, but not the lactose? Get to know our locally-produced Kreider Farms 100% Lactose Free Milk!

Other lactose-free milks are engineered for extended shelf life with "UHT" (ultra-high temperature) processing. Because we bottle our Kreider Farms Lactose Free milk in small batches and distribute it much closer to home, we can offer our customers a fresher, higher quality lactose-free milk! (Available in half gallons.)

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