How long do my Eggs last?

‘Use By’ or ‘Best Before’ dates are set by the retailer based on suggestions by the Department of Agriculture, but generally they are set at 45 days after packaging.

Why do I see a set of three random numbers on my Egg carton?

These three numbers are a Julian Date that represent the day of the year, from 1 to 365, that the eggs were packaged.

For example: a Julian Date of 001 would indicate that the product was produced on January 1st while a date of 365 would indicate that the product was produced on December 31st.


Why is my Heavy Cream Separating?

Our heavy cream is not homogenized and does not contain stabilizers, which causes it to naturally separate. This is normal, just give it a good shake before each use!

Why does my Heavy Cream have a thick “chunk” at the top?

The high butterfat content of our Heavy Cream causes the cream to rise to the top. This separation creates what we call a “cream cap” which you may see at the top of your bottle after sitting stationary either at the store or in your refrigerator for a day or two.

The longer the product sits, the thicker the cap may become. This cream cap is not harmful and can be stirred back into the bottle or taken out with a spoon and disposed of, whichever your preference may be.

Why do other Heavy Cream products I’ve purchased don’t have a “cream cap”

Most other brands include ingredients like Gellan Gum, Polysorbate 80, Glycerides or Carrageenan in their product to prevent this from happening, but at Kreider Farms we try to keep our products as natural as possible and do not include these additives.


Where do I find the expiration date on my Ice Cream?

Instead of expiration or ‘use by’ dates, we use Julian Dates on our Ice Cream products. This date can be found stickered on the bottom of our containers and is a series of five numbers.

Unlike an expiration date, this date represents the week that the product was produced and packaged and we expect our Ice Cream to last up to one year after that production date if kept in ideal conditions. Our team recommends keeping our Ice Cream in a freezer set at or below 10°F and avoiding leaving product sit out after scooping to avoid iciness and melting and ensuring the longevity of quality.

How do I read a Julian Date code?

A Julian Date contains five numbers indicating the day and the year that the product was produced in the format of DDD-YY. The first three numbers represent the day of the year, from 1 to 365, while the second two numbers represent the year.

For example: a Julian Date of 002-23 would indicate that the product was produced the week of January 2, 2023.