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Want greener, healthier plants or a greener lawn this season?

Then you’ll love Kreider Farms’ premium manure blend. We also offer our premium potting mix for starting seeds or keeping your hanging or potted plants healthy and green.

Available at fine retailers across Lancaster county, our manure blend combines fresh, dried chicken manure with composted cow manure, for a first-class, dehydrated home and garden fertilizer.

As the only large egg and dairy farm combination in the nation, Kreider Farms is the only farm that’s able to bring you premium fertilizer straight from the animals on our farm.

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Kreider Farms Dehydrated Manure Blend Plus 1-1-1

Available March 5 – June 29 – Ask your local retailer

Total Nitrogen (N) -1%; Available Phosphoric Acid (P205) -1%; Soluble Potash (K20) – 1%

Why Choose Kreider Farms Composted Manure for Your Lawn or Garden?


  • Keeps Plants Healthy & Green
    Our manure blend provides accurate amounts of organic nutrients – nitrogen, phosphorus and potash over an extended period to keep plants healthy and green
  • Enhanced Water Retention
    Our manure blend enhances water retention, helping you conserve water. Especially beneficial in sandy soil.
  • Increase Aeration
    Kreider Farms manure blend helps loosen compact soil for increased aeration and healthy growth.
  • Reduces Runoff
    A better choice for the environment, Kreider Farms manure blend reduces runoff and leaching nitrates.

Kreider Farms Potting MixPotting Mix

Fortified with Kreider Farms special chicken and cow manure blend!

Great for:

  • Starting seeds in flats
  • Hanging and potted plants
  • Planting bulbs
  • Vegetables

Our All Purpose Potting Mix helps your potted plants and vegetables grow faster!