Don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself.

To us, the best means producing a truly authentic, premium product. We focus on top-quality ingredients that result in superior taste you can savor. While you may be seeing more and more “frozen dairy desserts” on the shelf, we still offer REAL ice cream made with less air and higher milkfat for a creamy bite every time. Plus, it’s all produced and processed right here on our dairy farm in Lancaster County. Try it for yourself and we think you’ll probably agree!

With only one dairy to operate, we can do it right! Carefully controlling diet & living accomodations keeps our pampered cows happy and healthy. That’s why we’re proud our dairy holds the seal of being American Humane Certified™. Come see our farm in action on our public Farm Tour offered year-round!

A Kreider Tradition

Ice Cream has been part of the Kreider family culture since we started making it in 1972. Noah Jr. loved to serve you more ice cream than you asked for! This tradition of hospitality continues in the family today and if you are ever a guest at the Kreider household, we can guarantee you won’t leave without getting a “Kreider Scoop!”

27 Flavors and Counting

Enjoy our tried and true flavors like French Vanilla and Coffee, or go a little wild with Caramel-Chocolate Truffle or our signature Cow Palace. Our national award-winning premium ice cream comes in 20 flavors and 7 rotating seasonal flavors to satisfy any preference. Check out all the flavors we have to offer here.


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