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Kreider Farms Advocates for Humane Farming Practices on Capitol Hill

Kreider Farms, Pennsylvania’s largest egg producer represented the American Egg Industry in a Congressional Humane Bond Caucus briefing on “The Humane Table” in Washington, DC.

The Congressional briefing held on November 16, 2018 brought together America’s top farmers and food producers along with American Humane, the largest animal welfare certifier in the world, to discuss advances in humane agriculture. The briefing took place on Capitol Hill just before Thanksgiving, which has become a day when many Americans are thinking about how their food gets to their tables.  Kreider Farms was invited by the American Humane Association to testify as a leading American Humane Certified egg producer.

“Like American Humane, Kreider Farms and Americas’ family farmers know that animal welfare is truly in everyone’s best interest,” said Byron Shaffer, Quality Assurance Manager For Kreider Farms. “After the decision to build modern state-of-the-art cage-free layer houses in 2015 and subsequent construction, Kreider Farms has been a top rated American Humane-certified egg producer since 2016.”

The Congressional Humane Bond Caucus was co-founded in 2015 by Congressmen Gus Bilirakis (R-FL) and Henry Cuellar (D-TX) with the stated objective of creating a more humane world for both animals and people.

Now Available in Giant Food Stores

Kreider Farms Milk and Dairy Products Now at Giant Food Stores in Central PA

Kreider Farms, Lancaster County’s favorite producer of udderly delicious milk and bottled drinks, ice cream, premium eggs, and more, is excited to announce that its products will now be available at Giant Food Stores in Central Pennsylvania. This expansion comes as part of Kreider Farms’ intentional growth strategy for its dairy business, which included a $5 million investment in generating new production capacity, completed in 2017.

“The commitment and the investments we have made into our dairy operation allow us bring the best and freshest local food products direct from our farm to consumers, which is why more and more customers are asking for our products every day,” said President and CEO, Ron Kreider.

While Central PA farmers have been struggling with the recent “dairy crisis” in the Commonwealth and beyond, Kreider Farms has met the challenge of lower demand for fluid milk through smart diversification of their product line. This has gained the attention of influential grocery retailers like Giant, who are becoming more committed to selling local, farm-fresh products all the time through programs like PA Preferred, which helps facilitate partnerships between farmers and retail outlets.

Also attractive to Giant is Kreider Farms’ commitment to local, sustainable production. “Our point of differentiation is the fact that we’re a real local farm,” said Dave Andrews, V.P. Sales & Marketing. “We’re bringing authenticity back into the grocery store.”

Find Lancaster County fresh Kreider Farms products in your local Giant now.

Kreider Farms Dairy Farm Tour Named to Destinations Magazine Best of the Best 2018

Kreider Farms, Lancaster County’s favorite producer of udderly delicious milk and bottled drinks, ice cream, premium eggs, and more, is proud to announce its inclusion in Destinations magazine’s 2018 Best of the Best listings (Adventure category) for its signature Farm Tour. Destinations is a publication of the American Bus Association (ABA), the most respected voice in the motorcoach travel industry.

“It is an exciting honor to be included in this showcase of the best group tour destinations in the U.S. and Canada,” shared Debora Lobb, Farm Tour Director for Kreider Farms. “People love our guided trolley and bus tours, which include a unique trip through our maternity barn as many people’s favorite part. We have about 5-7 calf births per day, so the chances of seeing a calf being born are high,” Lobb added. “Our 90-minute tour is a great activity for students, seniors, and other groups. We can take 29 people at a time in the trolley, plus 29 people on the bus, or you can also take a personal tour in your own vehicle with our guide via Bluetooth or your cell phone.”

Destinations agreed that the maternity barn was a highlight of the Kreider Farms Tour. They also note the cow-milking simulator and 100-foot silo observation tower as other unique features that make the Farm Tour a must-do for visitors to Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Tours are available year-round, though the spring/summer season is the busiest, with multiple bus and trolley departures per day.

Best of the Best award winners are chosen by ABA Media’s creative team each May to recognize outstanding travel industry members who go above and beyond for the group tour industry. All winners are featured in the September/October issue of Destinations, and special promotion throughout the year by ABA, including at the organization’s Annual Meeting & Marketplace, is another benefit of being selected.